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„Swift Relocation was instrumental in helping us find a house and making a smooth transition to Munich during our relocation from Switzerland to Germany in April to May 2015. In the end, we found our absolute dream home which truly helped us feeling home very quickly in Munich. Beate Thierauf’s service has been above what we could have expected and we can fully recommend Swift Relocation services to other clients who care about a personalized experience, full satisfaction, reliability and difficulty free service. Overall the relocation experience we had with Swift Relocation was truly outstanding and we have always received excellent service. Timing & quality have always met our expectations, everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. Using Swift Relocation takes the difficulties out of finding the right place to stay and helps settling in comfortably.“
Rene Staebe, Deutschland

„Swift was awesome! They went above and beyond. We thought this was normal, but after two years talking with other expats we learned how exceptional their support really was. They made the difference and provided advice and support that was invaluable. It helped us to adapt, settle quickly, and call Munich our home. Well done!“
Kory Campbell, US

„…. ARRIVA entlastete uns enorm bei unserem Umzug zurück nach Deutschland und hat uns durch Kompetenz und flexibles Handeln viel Zeit und Mühe gespart. Welche Aktion auch immer nötig war, stets wurde schnell eine Lösung herbeigeführt. Immer wurden wir sehr persönlich und individuell betreut. Gerne empfehlen wir ARRIVA weiter….“
Familie Fairhurs, Santander Bank

„I can highly recommend Swift Relocation Services. Cathy and team are highly organized, supremely knowledgable, and communicate clearly and timely. Suffice it to say, our transition to Germany was made much easier and practically pain free through Swift. Please get in touch with me if you would like additional details.“
Liz Wegge Bennett, US

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In: Munich
Joined: 13.Mar.2012
„We moved to Munich area last summer. Since we were paying for the move ourselves, we did our homework by first visiting websites mentioned in the posts on this thread and offered by Google, and then sending inquires to 5 different relocation companies that we liked the best. The information provided by SWIFT Relocation was by far the most detailed and complete. Others had a lot of „grey“ areas in their pricing so, even after few followup phone calls, we could not narrow the final price down – we concluded that many of the companies are working with other agencies on moves payed by the employers and are used to charging whatever they like. Beate worked with us on selecting properties that fit our needs. She helped us weed out suspicious posts, arranged meetings with landlords, was present at all showings, helped us by offering her point of view, and translated and went over the final contract for/with us.
[…….]Anyway, to keep the things short, it took us three months to straighten things out and all that time Beate was involved because we spoke very little German. She ended up being our only link/negotiator with the landlord. We do not know what would we have done without her. So, we would definitely recommend Beate to others.“

„Catherine has been a God-send during a move that turned out to be anything but ordinary. She has juggled a mixed EU / non-EU family arriving at different times and with a domestic move during the initial registration with ease… She has attended to minor emergencies and annoyances (first speeding ticket) with grace and composure. She has always been attentive, easy to reach, and always extremely professional.
Before this move I may have considered doing everything myself, after this experience and seeing first hand how gret a relocation agent can be I would never be without one!
Thank-you Catherine!“
Steven and Catlene Harrison, Ireland/Domenica

„… Impressive! Swift relocation service and Cathie made our move to Munich an incredibly smooth process. True professionalism, continuous support and thorough knowledge of the expat hurdles made the full experiencetruly enjoyable. Thanks so much for your support!…“
K. and C. Dolan, Ireland/Switzerland

„… Die hohe Flexibilität und die Bereitschaft, auf die Bedürfnisse des Kunden flexibel und spontan zu reagieren, dabei jedoch stets auch unsere Rahmenbedingungen (Budgets bei der Wohnungssuche etc.) zu berücksichtigen, machen Swift Relocation zu einer wertvollen Unterstützung der lokalen Personalabteilung und des relegierenden Mitarbeiters bzw. seiner Familie…“
Tech Data IT GmbH & Co KG


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